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05 May 2007 @ 07:24 pm
There is one place in all of Heathrow Airport Terminal 3 to get wireless Internet access without paying for it: the prayer room. I am sat there with my laptop open. I have a browser open with prayers on it which I conspicuously look at from time to time, as well as this browser, but I'm still getting dirty looks. I'm researching prayers on the Internet, OK?

So-o-o-o, my flight has been cancelled. Luckily I have been rebooked onto the next one which is only a couple of hours away. There's a flicker of a rumour of a theory that airlines are starting to cancel not-very-full flights and amalgamate them onto the next not-very-full flights just to save fuel and money - and, of course, the flights are not very full because the compulsory fuel surcharges have got so high now that nobody wants to book flights... well, not nobody, but people are reporting flight numbers are 10%-20% down. People working in aeroplane manufacturer towns are getting really worried as a lot of aeroplane orders might be about to be cancelled. Perhaps in ten years time you won't be able to fly across the Atlantic except by connecting in Dubai, or some other country where the government hands what oil exists to the state airline and nobody else can afford it.

This cancellation lark is a dangerous game for the airlines to play - sure, you can shuffle us cattle class peons around and our grumbling can be easily ignored (it's not as if there's all that long a delay to the next flight, so a few token payments for bread and circuses will keep us quiet) but they have to be very careful that they don't try to get too many people who were due to fly at the pointy end of the plane onto one flight otherwise they'll have to downgrade people and there will be wailing and moaning like you wouldn't believe.

I pray... I pray... I pray for oil, or at least for good news...
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