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06 May 2007 @ 05:39 pm
Traveller's notes  
1) It's all manner of wrong to be preached at about the oil crisis by an aeroplane cabin crew. Just sayin'.

2) Normally when I fly into the US I expect to be greeted by a row of hire car facilities (yer Avis, yer Budget and the like) all with neat signs on your desk saying "fill your car with fuel before you bring it back to us otherwise we will fill it for you and charge you $5 per gallon", which is considered masssively punitive. Not any more it's not. Instead we have:

* $300 extra deposit charged, forfeitable if you do not bring the car back fuelled up
* Car delivered with less than 1/8 tank of fuel, be sure to fill it up straight away
* Let us refill the car for you for $20 per gallon
* We will not accept the car less than fully fuelled up and will charge you late fees until you bring it back with gas

3) We hear rumours of a return to national speed limits like in the 1973 oil crisis. Back in 1973 there was a US speed limit set of 55 mph which caused all manner of wailing and woeing, and the UK motorway speed limit dropped from 70 to 50. Dare any government be brave enough to do that again? a href="http://www.brake.org.uk/">These clowns</a>, the "road safety" busybody charity, and these killjoys - who would campaign for a slower country? - must be having a field day.

4) I think we're conclusively proving that all these people who reckoned that we'd all have to turn into post-apocalyptic survivalists and struggle for food and water after Peak Oil are WRONG, though I can hear them adding a "for now" at the end.

5) Talking to my beautiful and brilliant girlfriend, there's a whole different mood in the US as a result in the crisis compared to how it is in the UK. In the UK we just put up with things as part of our national character - in the US, they're really angry, even in a vaguely "something must be done" sense. It's true that the US station fuel prices go up and down by a much higher proportion than the UK ones do, because in the UK, fuel duty (tax) is such a high proportion of the forecourt price. It varies a lot from state to state in the US (I know California is always a good dollar above the Eastern Seaboard) but that's why we don't get doublings and halfings in the UK, just a few pence here and a few pence there.
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