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11 May 2007 @ 09:10 pm
The new fuel for the 21st century: coal  
Haven't had chance to get on here in a while... things have been as mad for me as they have been for you. UK natural gas prices have been following oil ones and are currently varying between about 70 pence/therm and nearly double that, which is something like a doubling or a tripling in little over a month. Electricity prices are consequently up somewhere between 50% and twice what they were last month as well. The big suppliers haven't passed the increases onto consumers yet, but it's really just a big staring-contest - when one of them blinks, all of them will probably follow in short order. (Theoretically an energy supplier who is just using non-carbon fuels doesn't have to pass the price rises on, but you know they will just because they can; probably as much advantage being 5% cheaper than the rest as being 15% cheaper than the rest when you know prices are only rising.)

The environmentalists are supposed to be putting out some more rants tomorrow - you can see one from not so long ago if you like, to the extent of "coal-fired power stations are nasty because they pollute a lot". Now anyone who has a choice will broadly prefer to burn coal (which has gone up in price, but by nothing like as much as gas, let alone oil) because that's where the biggest profit is, and the greenies are up in arms about it. Some enviros protested at a big power station which can burn either coal or gas because they thought it was burning "too much" (read: any) coal and, relatively, too little gas. Ideally they'd want to burn nothing whatsoever except possibly candle-wax, so long as the candles are organically grown. Now oddly enough all the coal-fired power stations are being fired rather hard at the moment and the gas-fired ones are being backed off as far as possible, for obvious reasons, and just as oddly enough the greenies are up in arms about this, saying that the UK generated more CO2 emissions last month than it ever has done before and blah blah blah Kyoto commitments. Tell it to the Chinese! Isn't the oil crisis affecting them too? Err... ;o)

Didn't I say that I worked at a power station capable of burning coal, oil, gas and everything? Indeed I did. What are we doing about fluctuations in prices? Ah, that would be company confidential information. ;o)
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