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02 May 2007 @ 09:52 am
Am I meant to be richer than this?  
So some of my friends told me to get on this LiveJournal thing...

I work at a power station somewhere in the south of England. Don't want to say where, but something embarrassing happened to us a few months ago and we got in the news. We take coal, we take oil, we take natural gas, we take all manner of weird petroleum by-products like propane, we take all the raggy dog-end stuff that people don't want, we burn it all ever-so-efficiently and turn it into lots and lots of lovely megawatts of power. I sell the power to whoever wants it. A job's a job, Bob. You won't find any secrets in this journal, they're more than my job's worth - not that I'm senior enough in the company to have any secrets in the first place - but you may well get a few thoughts of mine on things that are in the public record.

So, yeah. The bluddy Daily Hate were banging on about petrol prices again today, what with the litre at record highs of "£1.10". Maybe it's £1.10 in hard-to-reach places like Wales and the Highlands, and also in the centre of London where they try it on, but it's just - just! - 97.9 pence per litre here out in the sticks. Considering the US$ exchange rate is a bit on the screwed side, that works out at a shade under US$8 per gallon. That's per US gallon of course, damn Yanks don't know what a real gallon is ;o)

Natural gas prices took a bit of a jump yesterday. Not as good... er... bad a one as 2005, but when America sneezes, we catch a cold. All sorts of rumours going on about the oil price, apparently. It's a global market; when oil goes up globally, gas goes up globally. In the UK we generate our electricity from roughly 35% coal, 30% gas, 25% nuclear, 8% renewables and 2% oil. (That's a simple version, not taking into account the Interconnectors.) We can expect the oil stations to be out of the money to run any more and maybe some of the gas ones might have to go from running baseload (24/7) to peaks. Hey, doesn't bother us... *evil laugh* The US burn 40% oil (, petrol, naphtha, etc.), 23% coal, 23% gas with the rest being nukes or greens so if oil goes up much then the knock-on effects on their power prices could get ugly. Bad news for, well, everyone who depends on electricity; good news for people who own oil, coal or gas. Banks and pension funds, really. At the end of the day, we're all just shuffling money from one set of banks to another set of banks, and I'm not shuffling nearly enough into my bank.

God, three weeks to go before I get to go and visit my Bonnie who lies over the ocean and I can't wait. Bluddy airline put their fuel surcharge up again - hey, not my fault if they haven't hedged their position properly. Good job I bought my ticket months ago, not sure I'd be able to afford it now. Maybe I ought to go and get a job in the States - either that or Norway, where at least my pension would be safe...